Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billy's reflection on the trip

Billy preaching at the pastors' conference
India is a very overwhelming place. Once arriving in Delhi, we were hit with people worshiping idols, pollution, and extreme homelessness. But there is hope found in Jesus Christ. We had the blessing of seeing this hope in the children we visited at a school and orphanage in the slums. They are being taught the love of Christ. We were able to see the hope and peace found in the guys that played in the cricket tournament. They are hearing the Word of God due to the ministry of the COI. We also had the blessing of travelling to the villages in North India. There I was given the opportunity to worship alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ. They worshipped in their language and we in ours, but God understood it all. It was a beautiful picture. It is impossible to go on a trip like this and not be changed forever. Our God is great!

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